Food Service is looking for part-time employees

Food Service is looking for part-time employees.  2-3 days a week 9 am - 2 pm.  Please reach out to to inquire.

Norris Intermediate School Staff

Norris Intermediate School Staff

Intermediate Staff



Amber Bouma

Amber.Bouma [at]


Renae Axtell

renae.axtell [at]

Sean Bartholomew

sean.bartholomew [at]

Teri Drury

teri.drury [at]

Patty Elwood

patti.elwood [at]

Anna Erikson

anna.erikson [at]

Kylie Hohlen

kylie.hohlen [at]

Tammy Luther

tammy.luther [at]

LeeAnn Mertens

leeann.mertens [at]

Taylor Rising

taylor.rising [at]

Jerika Scherer

jerika.scherer [at]

Jaimi Stelk

jaimi.stelk [at]

Leah TeKolste

leah.tekolste [at]

Erica Twarling

erica.twarling [at]