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Titan Award Recipients

Titan Award Recipients

Clayton Anderson Speaks
John Oestrich Speaks
Kruger Acceptance Speech
Severson Acceptance Speech
Vogt Acceptance Speech

The Norris Foundation Banquet A TITAN NIGHT: BANQUET and HONORS is held annually to recognize those who have distinguished themselves through service to the Norris School District.

Each year, Titan Awards are bestowed on those individuals who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary service to the Norris School District in fulfillment of its mission. The Foundation also recognizes distinguished alumni through the Hall of Fame Award. This award honors those who have shown exceptional accomplishments among graduates of the District. The selection process is conducted by the Norris Foundation Board of Directors. To nominate an individual for a Titan Award, or to nominate a graduate of Norris with a Hall of Fame honor, click on the form below. You may also contact the executive secretary Jill Vande Griend at j.vandegriend@yahoo.com or call the district office at 402-791-0000 to inquire.

2022: Hall of Fame - Candace Moats. 
          Titan Award Winners - Debbie Benesch, Sid Conrad, Greg Hardin, Dr. John Skretta.
          Program from the Foundation Banquet

2020-21: Postponed due to Covid

2019: Moved to Spring 2020

2018: Titan Award Winners - Ann Schroeder, Shannon Urbanovsky, Marv & Ann Weber.

2017: Titan Award Winners - Rhonda Burbach, Joey Hausmann, Kent Oltman, Gary Pence, Ann Wubbels.

2016: Dr. Bob Brandt, Nancy Etmund, Doug Malone, Doug and Patti Wieskamp, Jan Zink.

2015: Bill and Linda Bryant, Janice Hestermann, Merle and Marj Huenink, Tom and Nancy Price, Rosie Vermaas.
2014: Randy Bates; Wes & Betty Matthes. Hall of Fame Award Winner, Ben Prange, Class of 2002.

2013: Jim and Becky Kruger, Phil Severson, Bob Vogt.  Hall of Fame Award Winner, John Oestreich 
2012: Joe Gehr, Sherry Steele, Ed Woeppel

2011: Rick Braun, Craig Gana, Judy Weilage

2010: Dr. Roy Baker, Ray Henning, John Votta

2009:  Jerry Schmutte, Lloyd Otto, and Ray Mulder

2008:  Galen Boldt, Jim Craig, Dr. Michael and Mrs. Robin Keralis

2007:  Lana Bauer, Shirley Halverstadt, Andy Reetz, Wes Shepard

2006:  Patty Bentzinger, Rick Hartwig, Chad Otto

2005:  Harlan Essink, Patty Kolder, Norm Wallman

2004:  Dorothy Behrends, Dale Harlan, Charles Noren, Don Vandertook

2003:  Arlys Wittmier, Larry Grosshans

2002:  Curt Carlson, Greg Gibbs, Lenny VerMaas

2001:  Donna Gana, Don Cooper, Delores Cooper