Norris High School



Titan After School Study Center

The purpose of the Titan After School Study Center is to provide academic support for all students. The following processes and protocols should be used for utilizing the after school study center.

Scope of Use

Student-Initiated Use

  • All students are able to utilize TASSC to get assistance on academic work.
  • Students do not necessarily have to be working with a specific teacher, however, all students will be expected to respect the learning environment of others and will follow teacher directions.
  • Students are always encouraged to make specific arrangements with their teachers for extra help when possible.

Staff-Initiated Use

  • Teachers, administrators, and the MTSS team may assign students to TASSC to help with:
    • Excessive missing assignments
    • Test completion
    • Reteaching
  • TASSC is not intended to be used as a disciplinary measure and detentions will not be served in TASSC.
  • TASSC is not a substitution for an individual before/after school help from the student’s teacher of record.
    • Ex: TASSC might be used after a teacher has worked one-on-one with the student and the student now needs a structured place to work.
  • Regular/repeated TASSC referrals are used as part of the MTSS process.
  • Staff should either communicate home or have students communicate home regarding TASSC referral.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to attend TASSC if assigned by a staff member.
  • All students will sign in and out on the TASSC Sign-in/Sign-Out Google form using one of the computer kiosks at the circulation desks.
  • Staff may check the utilization of TASSC on this spreadsheet.
  • Students will respect the learning environment of TASSC and follow the directions of the TASSC staff.

Time & Location

  • TASSC will be available on Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 4:00 pm.
  • TASSC will be located in E-1.