Norris Middle School


Dec. 19th, A Day


All Students

Christmas Dress-Up Days

Tuesday, December 19th - Hawaiian Christmas 

Wednesday, Dec. 20th - Flannel / Plaid Day

Thursday, Dec. 21st - Holiday Sweater


Passes are still for sale - if you are not playing a sport this year they are $30.  If playing a sport they are $50 with your Sports Fee.

Stop in the MS Office to make that purchase.  Passes are good for

Only HOME (Non-Tournament) Games


SNOWVEMBER UPDATE: 7th Grade is still in the lead, 8th grade is 1 item behind. 6th grade needs a big push at the end!! After contacting People City Mission they are in great need of more winter gear. Keep up the good work!! 

Bring in new or gently used winter gear (coats, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves) and put them in the grade-level donation boxes in the lunchroom. The winning grade will receive PBIS points! All winter gear donated will go to People’s City Mission to be distributed to families in need.


Are you missing a jacket, sweatshirt, lunch sack or other items?  We have two large bags of sweatshirts that belong to many of you.  Take a look at the Lost ‘n Found and if it’s not there do ask in the office.  We will be tossing lunch bags due to the smell if left behind.  These items need to go home.


Mr. Korinek’s Dungeons & Dragons + Board Games Club begins in January. Any students interested in joining can come be a part (regardless of grade level). The first “meeting” will be the first Monday of second semester (January 8th)


HAL      Finish board game prototypes.



  • YES!  You may have books checked out over the winter break. Please come to the library to renew those books so they won’t be overdue. If you are finished, please return your books before Thursday. 


  • Where’s Waldo? There are three Holiday Waldo’s hidden in the library. Come find one for a tasty treat. 



Classic Cafe:  Pancakes, Scrambled Egg, Potato Wedges

Grab & Go: NY Style Buffalo Chicken Dip w/Flatbread Charcuterie

Diner:  Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza


Thought for the Day


Be Positively Contagious!


Emotions are contagious.  We humans can feel other people’s energy and begin to experience it in our own bodies.  So, by performing positive actions, we can spread positivity throughout other people’s lives.  Imagine what the world would look like if we all did this on a daily basis.


Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Smile! – A smile is the universal sign of trust, happiness, and friendship. Remember, emotions are contagious. That’s why they say: “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”
  • Compliments – A simple compliment can make someone’s day. Put some thought into a unique and meaningful compliment, and that person may never forget it! 
  • Ask Someone How They’re Doing – When you look deep into someone’s eyes and ask, ‘How Are You?’ with true sincerity, this can mean a lot. They’ll see it’s not a token gesture but that you actually care how they’re getting on. Follow up with additional questions to prove that you do actually care.
  • Check In With A Buddy – Find the time to reach out to a buddy. This simple act of kindness is free and requires little effort, yet it’s a great way to show you care.  
  • Cheer Others On! – It’s good to get behind people’s passions indirectly, perhaps by asking how they’re doing in an activity they are involved in or sharing your support by sending them a quick text!  But how about you go one step further and cheer them on live?! Cheer them on at their game or place (activity), make a big sign, and scream your lungs out for them! There’s little that athletes and artists (EVERYONE) appreciate more than this.