Senior Art

Senior Art Painting

Senior Art

This course is intended for students that have taken at least FIVE art classes (Introductory Art +4 others) from the Norris curriculum and have a strong interest in art with the possibility of pursuing art beyond high school.  Students need to be well skilled in the art area they plan to work.  They also need to be creative, self-motivated, and be able to meet deadlines.  Students will work independently on an area of interest and document their progress/work with a journal/sketchbook/digital submission.  Students will be responsible to pay for consumable materials.  Senior Art application.

Course Information

Required / Elective
Course Length
Credit Hours
Prerequisite Class(s)
Introductory Art and at least 4 other art classes and BY APPLICATION ONLY
12th Grade

Senior Art Staff

HS Art
Activities: Yearbook, Art Club