Join the Norris Team.  Be a Mentor.

Contact Mary Ann Franken, Program Coordinator, for more information about how to become a TeamMates mentor or for more information at 402-791-0040.

Our goal is to make a difference one student at time for Norris students.  Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.  We ended the year with 59 matches in grades 4-12.  We are always looking for more mentors.  If you would like to mentor or know of someone who would make a good mentor let Mary Ann Franken or Lenny VerMaas know.  

Norris TeamMates had 59 active matches at the end of 2015-16 school year.  These 59 students created 1245 meetings during the school year.  All meetings take place at Norris.  This is an average of over 20 meeting per student.

We want to recognize our 5 seniors from 2016 and their mentors.

  • Paige Holley—mentor Ann Weber
  • Christian Schroeder—mentor Calvin Paschold
  • Brandon Dunlap—mentor Darin Bentzinger
  • Jacob Storm—mentor Ron Severson
  • Jason DeBoer—mentor Marcus Roskamp.

2015-16 Events

  • Norris TeamMates are Cool Ice Cream Social in August to begin the school year. (August)
  • TeamMates Pumpkin Painting Contest (October)
  • Root Beer floats for mentors and mentees (November)
  • TeamMates Mentor Appreciation Luncheon (February)
  • Recognize TeamMates Mentors and Board at basketball game (February)
  • Nebraska Spring Game and TeamMates Celebration
  • Year end celebration for mentee, mentors, board and families. (April)


Kami Beaty, Bruce Becher, Barb Bentzinger, Darin Bentzinger, Jim Baruth, Bob Brandt, Kristy Consbruck, Jacob Crawford, Steve Cruickshank, Jason Cullison, Danelle DeBoer, Gary DeBoer, Staci Deger, Jim Devine, Laura Devine, Peg Dillon, Ron Drury, Kerri Duran, Jim Dymacek, Jill Ellerbrake, Kelli Estigi, Jen Faz, Val Fossburg, Mary Ann Franken, Janet Grosshans, Larry Grosshans, Emily Gourlay, Justy Hagan, Sue Hartman, Brian Helmberger, Dean Hestermann, Mike Hoefler, Betty Hruska, Kim Hughes, Megan Huenemann, Dylan Kendall, Thelma Kroese, Darcie Kvasnicka, Jerry Lentfer, Ben Lueders, Brian Maschmann, Nancy Martin, Kyle McMurray, Warren Odgers, Kelly Oelke, Calvin Paschold, Michael Persampieri, Becky Pogreba, Matt Rice, Tracy Riensche, Nicco Salvador, Mary Schlieder, Ron Severson, Mary Jean TeKolste, Katye Thomas, Tracey Wagner, Scott Waters, Ann Weber, Faye Weckle, HolliAnn Zinnecker

Norris TeamMates Board

Mary Ann Franken—Norris coordinator, Lenny VerMaas—president , Mike Hoefler—treasurer, Charlotte Brotherson —secretary, Mary Jo Rupert—member & Norris Middle School principal, Tony Glenn—member and Norris School Board contact, Members: Becky Wilhelm, Cindy Braun, Justy Hagan, Steve Halversen, Ron Drury, Rhonda Burbach, Matt Franken, Ruby Deunk, Jen Faz, Matt Rice, Nich Herrington —regional Teammates coordinator

TeamMates FAQ's

What is TeamMates?

TeamMates is a school-based, one-to-one mentoring program co-founded by Dr. Tom and Nancy Osborne.  The focus of the mentoring relationship is for an adult volunteer to build a positive relationship with a student in order to help the student reach their full potential.

Who can volunteer?

Adults who care about youth and are positive role models are encouraged to volunteer. Mentors must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

What are the benefits?

Mentors make an investment in the future. Youth benefit by receiving encouragement and guidance from a caring adult.

What happens during a mentoring session?

Each mentoring relationship is unique. Mentoring sessions happen once a week for one hour. Activities include sharing a hobby or special interest, playing a game, helping with homework, or simply sharing thoughts and ideas.

What age of youth are involved?

Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate in the TeamMates program.

How can a student become involved in TeamMates?

Students are nominated by a caring adult in their life. This person is usually a teacher, guidance counselor, or parent.

How is TeamMates funded?

Every TeamMates program is funded locally by donations or fundraisers that are conducted throughout the year.

How can I support TeamMates?

There are many ways you can support TeamMates. These include becoming a mentor, making a donation, providing in-kind services, and encouraging your friends and family to become involved.

More information on TeamMates.