Food Service is looking for part-time employees

Food Service is looking for part-time employees.  2-3 days a week 9 am - 2 pm.  Please reach out to to inquire.

Norris Middle School Staff

Norris Middle School Staff

Middle School Staff


Tyler DeBuhr

Tyler.DeBuhr [at]

Chloe Kreikemeier

chloe.kreikemeier [at]

Melinda Maendele

melinda.maendele [at]

Justin McGill

justin.mcgill [at]

Katie Mueller

katie.mueller [at]

Kyle Steinkuhler

kyle.steinkuhler [at]


Hunter Boe

hunter.boe [at]

Karli Busboom

karli.busboom [at]

Darian Coffey

darian.coffey [at]

Taylor Golden

taylor.golden [at]

Jennifer Hutzler

jennifer.hutzler [at]

Chloe Kreikemeier

chloe.kreikemeier [at]

Eric Lechtenberg

eric.lechtenberg [at]

Darren Lojo

darren.lojo [at]

Shannon Lynch

shannon.lynch [at]

Bryan Martin

bryan.martin [at]

Taylor Rising

taylor.rising [at]

Matt Rosenau

Matt.Rosenau [at]

Rachel Schartz

rachel.schartz [at]

Leah TeKolste

leah.tekolste [at]

Brian Vuu

brian.vuu [at]

Nicole Zvolanek

nicole.zvolanek [at]