NSD campus aerial



Norris is a destination district. The sense of family and shared community values are at the core of the school district. Teachers genuinely care about not only the academic outcomes, but also the well-being and good character of the students.

John Skretta

I am extremely proud of the fact that my kids attend Norris Public Schools.  Norris is a Class B school, that has all students, K-12 all on one campus.  This unique feature allows for Norris to foster a great sense of community and school spirit throughout the entire school experience, K-12.  Daily, a kindergartener at Norris can witness the hard work and positive habits of a high school senior.  This opportunity is not provided by all schools, and I, for one, am grateful my kids are afforded the opportunity.   

Megan Boldt

Norris has social/emotional programs running throughout the campus, which promote and encourage each student’s growth in social and emotional health.  If you have students at Norris, you have heard them speak of being kind, respectful, and responsible.  Students will have an awareness of their own emotions in hard situations, but even better, Norris promotes the awareness of the emotions of those around them.  As a parent, I am very grateful for this teaching.  Furthermore, the staff at Norris is not just speaking about these behaviors but also modeling them daily in our school buildings.  What more could the parents ask for?