Homecoming 2023

Group Photo

Homecoming 2023

Homecoming 2023 is this Week at Norris High School!
Celebrate our school's traditions and spirit attending the Varsity High School Football game as we take on Lexington at 7 pm Friday night.
Following the game, we will crown our Class Representatives and our King and Queen for 2023.
We are excited to bring back an awesome FIREWORKS Show sponsored by Genesis, after the crowning ceremony.
We end the night with dancing and games on the field and celebrate our great school!

Celebrate with us at Norris High School this Friday night for Homecoming 2023!

Front Row

  • Freshman Homecoming Royalty Attendants
    • Greyson Addison and Lila Bare
    • Evan Greenfield and Alli Bornschlegl
    • Cole McMillan and Malorie Boesiger
    • Parker Schmidt and Clare Schindler

2nd Row

  • Sophomore Homecoming Royalty Attendants
    • Kyson Gana and Reese Behrends
    • Kiffin Hausmann and Ally Kohler,
    • Alec Small and Izedora Tidball
    • Eli Starner and Macie Wiles

3rd Row:

  • Junior Homecoming Royalty Attendants
    • Cole Bare and Anneliese Bargen
    • Nicholas Boon and Ashley Gruber
    • Dalton Weber and Zoe Rademacher
    • Revlin Weber and Atlee Wallman

4th Row:

  • Senior Homecoming Royalty Attendants
    • Spencer Brightman and Anna Boonstra
    • Garret Dorn and Paige Butterfield
    • Eli Holt and Clare Macklin
    • Levi Puchalla and Grayson Piening
    • Coleman Savage and Isabella Schmidt