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Yearbook is an elective course for 9th-12th grade students. In order to enroll in the course, students must complete the application form and be approved. Selection is based on teacher references, student motivation, experience, conflicts. Students selected for this course are involved with all aspects of production, including theme selection; cover and page design; overall layout; copy, captions, and headlines; photography; and marketing. In addition to these duties, students also learn lifelong skills, such as meeting deadlines and working with others. Students are also exposed to technology through using high quality, professional cameras, online design program, as well as basic photo editing. Once students are accepted into the program they have the option to continue taking the course each year, unless either the advisor or student decides to terminate the membership.

Yearbook Application
(required for new Yearbook Staff)
Buy a 2020 Yearbook (2019-2020 School year)

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