Special Education Paraeducators Needed

Hiring for fall 2021- Special Education paraeducators. Please apply at norris160.org/employment

Site Login without Google

Site Login without Google

If for some change you need to log-in WITHOUT google authentification, Follow the instructions and screenshot to Login, Request Password, and Edit your Profile.

1. Go to www.norris160.org/user

2. Enter your email address and password. Then click "Log In"  

3. Click on the "Edit" link under your name.  This will take you new page to edit your profile.

Click Here so see how to edit your profile

IF you don't know your password follow the instuctions below

1. If you don't know you password, you can request a new password by selecting the "Request New Password" button.


2. Enter email address and click "E-mail new password" button


3. Check you e-mail!  Click the link the reset your password.


4. Click the "Log In" Button


5. Create a new password.


6. Save your password by clicking "Save"