Special Education Paraeducators Needed

Hiring for fall 2021- Special Education paraeducators. Please apply at norris160.org/employment

Editing Classes

Editing Classes

  1. Once you are logged-in (Click here for help) you can edit the class by clicking the "New Draft" button.  
    All changes will be saved as a "draft" and NOT live on the internet until the changes have been submitted for "Needs Review" and reviewed by your principal.

  2. Under "Content" add/edit the class description to the "BODY".
    Do not use the "Header" section. 

  3.  Add or Remove teacher(s) from the Class (to remove, just leave the field blank)

  4. Add/Edit the image to the PAGE IMAGE(S) by clicking on the "Choose File" button and then Upload.
    After the image is uploaded you can resize the thumbnail and add a description/caption.
    Banner images are not necessary

  5. Continue by editing the "Grade/School", "Calendar", "Course Information", "Prerequisites", and "Curriculum Map/ELO's" sections

  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  7. After you have "SAVED" your draft, the page needs to be "reviewed".  Click the "Apply" button to submit the page for review.