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Part time kitchen utility worker (3 hours a day); Full time head cook (7 1/2 hours a day)

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Leaving Google and our Network

Leaving Google and our Network

This page is designed for Senior students or staff members that are leaving Norris.  How can I get my data out of Google, so I can either take it with me or put it into another Google Account?

We wish there was an "Easy Button" that we could push that would just migrate everything you have in one Google account right into another Google account, but that is not always the case.  You can migrate your data out, but it does take some time and steps to accomplish.

Any data you have in your Google Account will be deleted. If you wish to "take" any of your Google data with you this district help desk article:  "Leaving the district - Take Google data with you" should help. 

We recommend that staff and students leaving the Google domain, sign-up for a Google account if you do not already have one.