Board of Education vacancy application

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Patty Bentzinger. In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mrs. Bentzinger’s term on the board. The length of the unexpired term is for the same length of time as Ms. Bentzinger would have served on the Board of Education. Interested Applicants must live in Ward 2 to be appointed for the open seat.

Applications can be obtained by emailing or at the Norris School District Administration Office and will be accepted by email ( until noon on February 6. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Brian Maschmann, Superintendent at 402-791-0007



Friday, September 1, 2017

Mrs. Jensen's second grade class class read books, wrote stories, and drew pictures of wiggly worms.  They learned facts like how worms do not have teeth, eyes, ears, or noses.  Worms sense vibrations to know if they are in danger.  They did two experiments with the invertebrates.  First, they wanted to see what would happen if they put a piece of ice next to the worm.  Some worms crawled right over the ice others slid around it.  The next day students used eye droppers and dripped warm water on top of the worms.  One student said, "Wow! They really reacted to that hot water!"  The class will be writing a silly story about a worm they might find in a garden.  All of these writingsand drawings are located in the student science notebooks.