What are these teachers thankful for? The Norris Foundation SEED grant program!

What are these teachers thankful for? The Norris Foundation SEED grant program!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Norris parents and patrons, when you read these teacher comments, you'll know that your donation makes a difference! Help fund innovative classroom projects and tremendously creative teacher ideas by giving to the SEED grant program today! The SEED grant program is administered through the Norris Education Foundation and has provided thousands of dollars in support to Norris teachers for these innovative instructional ideas.

Here in their own words are descriptions from several recent winners. A check from you to the Norris Education Foundation designated for SEED grants can fund these and similar innovative classroom projects.

SEED Grant Winners: Dr. Kristyn Jones and Colin Kubik, HS Agriculture Teachers

The "Putting more Science in Agriscience" Project will increase hands-on applications of scientific concepts in agricultural classes.  Kristyn Jones and Colin Kubik will use the funds to purchase new sensors to hook up to Chromebooks, turning them into interactive devices used to measure pH, conductivity, and light levels.

"We appreciate the Norris Foundation's desire to support innovative classroom projects to increase the rigor and enjoyability of classes at Norris!" --Dr. Jones

SEED Grant winner Natasha Gault, Middle School Science teacher

Norris Middle School 6th Grade students will utilize UBTECH Jimu Robotics Kits to enhance learning in two sixth grade science units.  Students will employ the use of robots in the capacity of performing science related tasks.  Students will design and program a robot that can be used in a natural disaster to mimic human senses and save lives.  Students will also design weather equipment that will be placed by robotic methods in a dangerous weather scenario.

Robotics and the engineering design process encourages students to build, test, and refine learning and ideas!  Thank you to the Norris Foundation for recognizing that students deserve opportunities to learn in meaningful and authentic ways.

SEED Grant Winner Jennifer Hutzler, Middle School Art:

"I would like to thank the Norris Foundation for the generous SEED grant.  I will be using the SEED grant money to purchase a 3D printer and supplies for the Art room.  3D printing allows students to transform two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional objects.  Additionally, 3D printers are an outstanding tool for STEAM projects.  They help students expand and develop their creative ideas while watching their drawings come to life.  3D printing offers students excellent opportunities for problem solving and innovative thinking, which will serve them well in the future."

SEED grant winner Tristan Mitchell, Norris Intermediate Teacher:

The Norris Intermediate 5th Graders will take a large number of 360° pictures of the Norris’ campus with android phones using the free Google Streetview application. Together, they will compile these photos, create a virtual tour of the updated Norris campus, and post the virtual tour they have created to the web. Tristan says, "Thank you, Norris Foundation, for your generous support! Because of your gracious contribution, the Norris Intermediate students will get to learn more about the power of technology, digital citizenship, and their own digital footprint."

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