Statement on outcome of Norris bond election November 14, 2017

Statement on outcome of Norris bond election November 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Norris District wishes to express gratitude for the participation of constituents who voted in this election. While we are disappointed in the outcome, this is a democratic process and our people have spoken. We will analyze the results in further detail and review our approach to accomplishing these important projects.

While the issues of Proposition A and B failed to garner the support needed for passage of a bond issue, these A-list tasks are projects that the district must address for safety, security, and infrastructure upkeep. Without recourse to the revenue generated through bonds, the district will only be able to address the most essential, emergency priorities related to this task list. Baseball and tennis will continue to be deferred to off-site facilities and tennis remains an itinerant program with no home courts.

The Board and our district admin put this issue before our public because this is the only means by which we are able to generate the funding needed to accomplish these projects due to the levy lid limitations for general fund dollars. Thus, the Board knew that this was a responsible request to our public to seek bonded assistance to accomplish projects that would have increased efficiency in operations and safety on our campus.

In the wake of this outcome, the Board and administration will collaboratively review the district’s operations plan and site maintenance and development plans, both long- and short-range. Proposition A failed by just 71 votes; Proposition B failed with 1,247 For and 1,886 against. Just over 3,100 voters participated.