State Seeks Input on Draft Science Standards

State Seeks Input on Draft Science Standards

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The draft of Nebraska's new College and Career Ready Standards for Science has been released by the State Department of Educatino. The revision process began in October of 2016 with a team of 50 writers who met again in November. A team of editors, including representatives from our state institutions of higher education, met in December and both writers and editors met again in February. The draft being presented has since been reviewed by a panel of university system faculty andthe state is now requesting public input from all of our Nebraska stakeholders. Those wishing to provide input may do so by 1) reviewing the standards and providing positive feedback and 2) sharing both the draft and the public input survey link with your colleagues, peers, and connections.

NDE has worked diligently to design the public input survey is user friendly. The questions asked are tailored to stakeholder groups; students, educators, parents, higher education representatives, and general public. Respondents can select individual grade level/domain level standards to review rather than provide input on the entire document.

For convenience, here are the individual links, and both can be found at