State of Schools Report released by NDE: Norris Highlights from 2013-014

State of Schools Report released by NDE: Norris Highlights from 2013-014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24th marks the release of the State of Schools Report for the State of Nebraska, a massive data release which provides comprehensive achievement and programming information on all accredited public schools.  The report provides excellent evidence of a continued results-oriented focus on student learning that covers the continuum of education Preschool through Graduation in the Norris system.

The public release of the report provides information on everything from Nebraska Student Accountability scores in key content areas to the federal No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress markers.

NeSA results were previously released and individual NeSA reports from the Spring, 2014 NeSA testing window have been communicated to students and parents. November will mark the release of the state’s “NEPAS” or Nebraska Performance Accountability System rankings which provide quantifiable performance data on schools based on comparative assessment results across districts.

Highlights from the 2013-14 State of Schools report for the Norris School District include the following:

Preschool: the “Widely Held Expectations Report” finds Norris 3 & 4- year old preschoolers finds Norris 3 & 4-year old preschoolers, including those with disabilities, significantly outperforming state averages in meeting expectations surrounding physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. This report lets administrators and teachers know where children are relative to other children of the same age or class.

Attending: Norris students averaged nearly 96% Average Daily Attendance for the 3rd year in a row as a district wide measure of school attendance.

Achieving and Exceeding the Standards: Norris students were at least 25 scale score points above the state average in every grade tested in reading on the state reading test, and achieved an 85% proficient status districtwide in Science.

Gifted: 25% or ¼ Norris students qualified for and participated in services through the High Ability Learners program.

Teacher qualifications: Norris continues to have one of the most highly-qualified faculties in the state, including doctorate-holding teachers in areas as diverse as agriculture, music, and science. 74% of Norris teachers possess Master’s Degrees, more than 20% above the state average.

Federal Highly Qualified Criteria: 99.5% of courses taught by highly qualified teachers across over 700 sections.

College-Ready: ACT composite score of 23.7 is the highest among Norris senior cohorts in the Norris 6-year State of Schools Report history.

College-Bound: While attaining the highest composite average and a greater number meeting college readiness benchmarks than before, a record 128 seniors in last year’s class took the ACT, the primary college admissions exam.

Federal Accountability Note: The federal dictates for “Adequate Yearly Progress” as mandated by No Child Left Behind are for 100% proficiency in all students, all subgroups, and all areas tested for 2013-14. Like other Nebraska schools at all levels, Norris did not meet this rigorous expectation but continues to strive for improvement in student learning. Our district is committed to helping every child achieve their potential and thrive as citizens and lifelong learners.  Our faculty and staff demonstrate this commitment through a comprehensive school improvement process which includes external district accreditation, continuous professional development, a new teacher mentoring program, and an instructionally focused professional learning plan for every teacher.  For more on Federal Accountability and Nebraska Schools, see the Commissioner’s letter at