Skilled & Technical Science Advisory Board plans for the future of Norris students

Skilled & Technical Science Advisory Board plans for the future of Norris students

Friday, December 16, 2022

The Norris Skilled and Technical Science (STS) Advisory Board met at Norris High School on December 7, 2022.  Several representatives from area businesses AKRS Equipment, Hausmann Construction, General Excavating, Garner Industries, and Zermatt Inc. were present to discuss ways the local industry can provide support to Norris students in the Skilled and Technical Science Program.  

Previously known as Industrial Tech or Shop classes, the STS program prepares students for hands-on, high-skill careers.   Norris STS educator Jon Critser updated the group on activity in the department over the past year.  New part-time instructor in the department, Holly Robinson, was introduced.

The shortage of STS teachers in Nebraska, including Norris, was discussed along with ways of meeting the demand for skilled and technical education.  Everyone was urged to contact their state senator to bring attention to the shortage of teachers in the STS program and work towards changes in requirements for teaching in the technical field.

New business included the formation of the Norris School District 160 Skilled and Technical Science Endowment, an account held within the Norris School District Education Foundation.   This is a permanent account with assets invested to generate an ongoing source of income to support the Norris School District STS Department and Norris students.

Scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education or a teaching degree in a Skilled and Technical Science field may be given.  Technology and equipment improvements may also be funded by this endowment.  For more information about the endowment, contact Jack Jenkins at  Any area businesses who are interested in learning more about the Norris Skilled and Technical Science Program or would like to partner with the school in training our future workforce are encouraged to contact Jon Critser at

Skilled and Technical Science Endowment Form


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