Santa bringing electronic devices for the kids? Tips for Parents here!

Santa bringing electronic devices for the kids? Tips for Parents here!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Norris families,

Many of our students will be receiving electronic devices for gifts from their families this Christmas season.  Generous parents and grandparents bestow these technological treasures on students who have sometimes been longing for them for months or even years.  At their best, these tech tools can engage your young person for hours of entertainment as well as serving as e-readers and offering educational applications.

For many parents, though, the sense of elation in granting a child a much-desired gift dissipates quickly. This can happen because parents soon realize that the device, be it a tablet computer, iTouch, or iPhone, can also create some challenges for families in monitoring use to ensure safe and appropriate boundaries for household and school use of electronics.

Our outstanding Media Center professionals are here to help and would like to offer a couple of tips you may want to consider. First, we offer Holly Gifford’s compendium of the apps that are used at Norris Elementary, which you may wish to download to extend out-of-school learning opportunities for your child:

iPads apps used at Norris Elementary

Second, Mrs. Gifford recommends Common Sense Media as an incredible resource for parents and teachers.  Their mission statement is:  We rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families and schools.  

Parents can find great tips and resources for helping their family navigate our 24/7 media world here:   Common Sense Media Tips for Parents  This tremendous resource provides FAQs for parents on everything from Social Media use to Cyberbullying.

This link offers a Family Media Agreement--a proactive way for families to agree about media usage.   Family Media Agreement from Common Sense Media

Happy holidays and we hope these resources help ensure the successful addition of more tremendous tech devices that can aid your child’s learning and provide countless hours of enjoyment!