Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) at Norris Elementary

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) at Norris Elementary

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Norris Elementary utilizes a PBIS framework which tasks the school with setting clear expectations for students throughout the school building.  Adults then utilize common language to teach these expectations at the beginning of school as well as ongoing re-teaching throughout the year.  Lastly, positive reinforcement for meeting those expectations is done throughout each day using Titan Gems.

Setting the stage for a successful school year starts with positive practice

Students and teachers have been working hard to learn, review, and practice our school rules. In the first weeks of school students have moved throughout the building with their teacher to review rules specific to all the places they go in a day (hallways, bus, gym, lunchroom, restrooms, playground).  As students are reviewing these expectations, teachers utilize common language so that any adult in the building can assist a student and the expectations remain the same.  Students have an opportunity for positive practice during this time where they demonstrate an understanding of these expectations.  The investment of time learning and practicing the rules at the beginning of the school year sets the stage for a positive learning environment and gets all students working toward our common goal of being safe, respectful, and responsible learners.  

Terrific Titans are filling up the gem box!

Titan Gems are slips of paper that are given to students who are demonstrating being safe, being respectful, or being responsible.  Our teachers make a point to “catch their students being good” and reinforce those behaviors we want to see in school using the Titan Gem system.  

After students receive a Titan Gem, they place it in their classroom Titan Gem Box.  Each week, classroom teachers draw out one name to place in the Titan Gem box in the office.  On Friday mornings, Dr. Piening draws a name from each grade level to call out on the loudspeaker.  These Titan Gem winners of the week receive a certificate, have their picture taken, and get to wear a sticker all day to demonstrate to others what being a Terrific Titan looks like!