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Norris Superintendent meets with Nebraska Congressional Delegation

Norris Superintendent meets with Nebraska Congressional Delegation

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Norris Superintendent Dr. John Skretta is the Nebraska Association of School Administrators President-Elect. In this capacity, he joined Stanton Superintendent Dr. Mike Sieh as Nebraska delegates to the American Association of School Administrators annual advocacy conference in Washington, D.C. the week of July 9. There the Superintendents met with staffers and directly with members of the Nebraska Congressional delegation to urge continued support in Washington for federal k-12 programs.  Dr. Skretta participated in the AASA Advocacy Conference and Governing Board activities during the time in Washington, D.C.

Key topics that were talked about in these meetings included Dr. Skretta advocating for:

  • Continued support of Title programs, which at Norris have helped support class size reduction and intensive assistance supports in reading and mathematics.
  • Continued support of E-Rate funding, which at Norris has resulted in substantially improved wi-fi connectivity and a more robust wireless network.
  • Continued support for Medicaid-eligible reimbursements to schools, which at Norris has helped defray costs of Speech Language services for qualifying children.
  • Increased federal funding for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act) since these mandatory services to provide inclusive environments are historically underfunded federally, resulting in increased costs for these services being absorbed at the local district level.

Dr. Skretta and Dr. Sieh met directly with Senators Fischer and Sasse, as well as Congressman Fortenberry, and met with staff researchers and legislative assistants of the other members of the Nebraska Congressional delegation.