Board of Education vacancy application

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Patty Bentzinger. In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mrs. Bentzinger’s term on the board. The length of the unexpired term is for the same length of time as Ms. Bentzinger would have served on the Board of Education. Interested Applicants must live in Ward 2 to be appointed for the open seat.

Applications can be obtained by emailing or at the Norris School District Administration Office and will be accepted by email ( until noon on February 6. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Brian Maschmann, Superintendent at 402-791-0007

Norris Students To Celebrate Eclipse on August 21

Norris Students To Celebrate Eclipse on August 21

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

On August 21, Norris students and staff will have the opportunity to experience one of Earth’s most amazing natural phenomenon, a total solar eclipse.  The Norris campus is within the “path of totality”, making it one of the best places in Nebraska (and therefore the world!) to view the eclipse.  The day will be used to learn and appreciate this once in a lifetime event.  Students at all grade levels will spend time in the morning engaging in activities meant to deepen understanding of the mechanics of the eclipse as well as the historical significance.  Time will also be spent teaching about safely viewing the eclipse.  All Norris students will be provided with NASA approved viewing glasses provided by the district.   

All students and staff will experience the totality together with peers, under the supervision of Norris staff.  Groups of students will be organized by grade level.  Teachers will use the remainder of the day to continue with activities and discussions about the total eclipse.

There are inherent risks involved in viewing an eclipse. A fundamental goal for all student learning experiences and activities in the Norris School District is to keep our students safe. Prior to the eclipse viewing event, students will be pre-taught expectations for safely viewing the eclipse, and all students and staff will be issued the approved eclipse viewing glasses. All Norris students grades K-12 will have the opportunity to participate in this historic event. If you do not want your child to view the eclipse, you will need to complete the district-provided Opt Out of Eclipse Viewing form and submit it to your child's school office by 4 PM, August 18. 

Note to parents / prospective vistors: The district is not providing an opportunity for parent, family or other visitors August 21. Norris will not invite other spectators outside of students and staff to be present on campus during the eclipse.  The  focus of the district on Eclipse day, August 21,  is to provide a supervised eclipse event viewing experience for students that is educational in nature.  Our staff need to be able to direct their efforts and focus on students and student learning. Our schools cannot accommodate requests for visitors on this date due to the unique nature of this event. Students will be able to view the eclipse while under supervision of Norris teachers and staff. Parents who wish to view the event as a family may exercise their discretion to excuse their children from school. 
Requests for additional information or clarification about this may be directed to building principals or the district office.