Norris schools Recognized at 2013 Action for Healthy Kids Summit

Norris schools Recognized at 2013 Action for Healthy Kids Summit

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Each Norris school – elementary, middle, and high school – was recognized individually for accomplishments in promoting physical activity, nutrition and overall wellness efforts at the state conference held in Lincoln Thursday.

The Elementary was recognized for incorporating a new health curriculum that is leveled for each grade by measurable pretests, lesson activities, and post – unit assessments. The Middle School was recognized for instituting an award – winning breakfast mid-morning program that has proven hugely popular with our middle school students. The high school was recognized for incorporating staff wellness measures that included nutritious staff snacking such as Greek yogurt and fresh berries, combined with an initiative to promote staff exercise.

The conference was held at the Center for People In Need and was sponsored by Hunger Free Heartland the State Department of Education and HHS, as well as ConAgra Foods Foundation and the Nebraska Beef Council.

Norris Superintendent Dr. John Skretta provided the opening keynote for the conference, Delivering remarks on "Stepping Up: Embracing our Responsibility As Healthy Role Models."  Norris Food service director Linda Truscott was a co-presenter for a session on school nutrition called, "The School Day Just Got Healthier."

Thanks to School Wellness Council Coordinator Jane Hansmeyer, Elementary Wellness Council leader Torey Dudley, and MS principal MaryMary Jo Rupert for their contributions to the Schools In Action portfolios, and a special thanks to Mrs. Hansmeyer for serving on the Summit Planning Committee.