Norris Schools Recognize Veterans Day with Assemblies, Activities

Norris Schools Recognize Veterans Day with Assemblies, Activities

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Veterans Day 2018 is recognized Monday, November 12th. Every building on campus is recognizing this important patriotic holiday with a variety of observances and activities to promote awareness of the magnitude of Veterans Day and the debt of gratitude our citizenry collectively share for all those who have faithfully served our nation through the Armed Forces.


The High School will be reviewing pledge and flag etiquette during IAP and studying the History of Veterans Day.

The Middle School is hosting an assembly at 1:20 PM featuring Major Connie Holen (Retired Air Force) as the keynote speaker. 

The Intermediate School is hosting an assembly including the Hickman Color Guard, and Norris Neighbors 4-H group presenting the Quilt of Valor. Remarks will be from Veteran Evan Egger.

The Elementary School is hosting a 9 AM assembly which includes patriotic songs, presentations, and an introduction of children whose parents are Veterans; these children will stand in front and hold an individual flag as their parents joint them.

Nebraska Law 79-724 spells out the duties of citizenship and the need for schools to instill an awareness of civic virtues and patriotic commitment: "An informed, loyal, just, and patriotic citizenry is necessary to a strong, stable, just, and prosperous America. Such a citizenry necessitates that every member thereof be fully acquainted with the nation's history and that he or she be in full accord with our form of government and fully aware of the liberties, opportunities, and advantages of which we are possessed and the sacrifices and struggles of those through whose efforts these benefits were gained."