Norris School District Launches GoGuardian Chromebook Management Tool

Norris School District Launches GoGuardian Chromebook Management Tool

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Norris School District recently invested in GoGuardian device-monitoring software. For teachers who utilize this tool in class, GoGuardian allows a live stream of student Chromebook screens to be viewed, as well as a complete history of student online activity during that specified period. Additional features allow teachers to bring up specific sites on student Chromebooks, close student browsing tabs remotely, and lock student devices to help focus student attention in class.

On a larger scale, GoGuardian provides technology administrators with the ability to filter and monitor online browsing content, both in school and off-site. This means a school-owned device or any device logged into Google Chrome with a Norris student account can be monitored for concerning content.

We are pleased to utilize GoGuardian in assisting with classroom management and helping students make wise choices while online. We ask parents to partner with us at home to help students form healthy online habits that will promote success!

To view the Parent Information Guide from GoGuardian, click here: