Norris School Board, members recognized for Outstanding Service: Gana, Glenn, Kruger, Grosshans take individual honors

Norris School Board, members recognized for Outstanding Service: Gana, Glenn, Kruger, Grosshans take individual honors

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Norris School District’s Board of Education has received a Continuing Excellence award from the Nebraska Association of School Boards.  Out of over two hundred districts across the state, only 11 earned this noble distinction.  The award is reserved for Boards that achieve rigorous criteria in the areas of policy leadership and development, including participation and attendance at the Labor Relations, Legislative Issues, and School Law workshoops in addition to the State Education conference.  The Board members must all individually participate in annual Board retreats for strategic planning and the formulation of Board goals and areas of focus. 

The award was presented on Wednesday, October 10th to the Norris Board at the Regional Membership Meeting for NASB, which was hosted at Beatrice High School and included legislative and school finance updates in addition to an awards banquet.  

Individual awards were bestowed upon Larry Grosshans (Level VI), Craig Gana (Level IV) and Jim Kruger (Level III) and Tony Glenn (Level III) for their continuing commitment to Board member development through participation in various NASB-affiliated and recognized activities in the service of Norris. 

The Board Goals & areas of focus for the current academic year were formally adopted in the summer and consist of the following:

  1. Insure that the 3-5 Intermediate School and facility renovation to the high school are completed, furnished, and owner-occupied prior to the 2013-14 school year.
  2. Achieve AdvancEd district accreditation through administrative and staff efforts and board support utilizing the recognized school improvement process.
  3. The Board will work closely with the Superintendent & designees to develop and approve a budget for the 2012-13 school year that will adequately meet the operational needs and educational priorities of the school district.
  4. Study, analyze, and develop a plan to increase the campus safety and security focusing primarily on access to buildings when school is in session.
  5. The Board will facilitate planning  and move towards implementation of various co-curricular facilities projects, addressing both long- and short-range needs of the district.  These include but are not limited to developing field turf, campus baseball field, enlarging strength training facilities, developing tennis courts, and adding suitable visitor bleachers on the west side of the football field/track.