Norris NeSA Results Exceed State Performance Averages: Multiple Grades Over 90% Proficient

Norris NeSA Results Exceed State Performance Averages: Multiple Grades Over 90% Proficient

Monday, September 14, 2015

The 2014/2015 Reading, Math, Science and Writing  (Nebraska State Accountability) NeSA test results for Norris Public Schools are now available.

These tests are one-time, drop-in checks of student performance on state standards. It is important to note that not all of the state standards are tested on the NeSA exams and that no single test score can tell the full story performance of an individual student, school building, or district. The child’s teacher will continue to be the best source of information on how well an individual child is learning.

Norris Public Schools NeSA results (percent of students proficient) for 2014-15 are listed below by subject and by grade:

Norris Reading Scores 2014-15

Grade 3 –  95%

Grade 4 –  96%

Grade 5 –  89%

Grade 6 -   90%

Grade 7 –  94%

Grade 8 –  94%

Grade 11 –87%

Norris Math Scores 2014-15

Grade 3 – 91%

Grade 4 – 87%

Grade 5 – 88%

Grade 6 – 65%

Grade 7 – 91%

Grade 8 – 77%

Grade 11 – 85%

Norris  Science (only grades 5,8, and 11)

Grade 5 –  89%

Grade 8 –  85%

Grade 11 –87%

Norris Writing (only grades 4,8, and 11)

Grade 4- 88%

Grade 8- 79%

Grade 11- 91%

Results from NeSA assessments are mostly designed to provide comparative information on a large scale for how districts stack up in Nebraska and how schools stack up in individual school districts.  These big picture indicators, when viewed over time, can help districts see if educational decisions (based on multiple sources of data) are helping to improve student learning overall.

However, data from NeSA tests are only one source among many that Norris Public Schools use to inform decision-making that directly affects student learning. The challenge for the Norris Public Schools, and all schools throughout the state, is to use assessment results to show improvement over time. While trend data is important, the goal of educators at Norris Public Schools is to look from the big picture down to the individual student.

The family of each student participating in the NeSA tests will receive a report on their child’s performance at Parent Teacher Conferences in September. Each test is broken down into multiple data points, including Performance Level, Scale Score and Percent Correct.


In Reading, Math, Writing, and Science, Norris Public Schools were above the state average of students proficient in every grade level.  The state scores that the district receives collectively across all grades is among the top in the state. Scores were near or above 80 percent in nearly all fields.  Some greater detail follows below:

  • Writing

    • All three grade levels were above the state average

    • Highest performing was grade 11 who had 91% of their students at or above the standard

  • Reading (Grades 3-8 and 11) :

    • 6th year of testing Reading

  • All grade levels were above the state average

  • All grade levels had 89% or higher of their students meeting or exceeding the standards

  • Math (Grades 3-8 and 11)

    • 5th year of testing Math

    • Two grade levels (3rd and 7th) had 91% of students meet or exceed standards

  • Science (Grades 5, 8, and 11)

    • 4th year of testing Science

    • Each grade 5, 8 and 11 were above the state average

Norris Public Schools uses this data for multiple purposes, including:

  • Providing feedback to students, parents, and our community.          

  • Guiding instructional decisions.                                                     

  • Guiding curriculum development and revision.                    

  • Measuring program success and effectiveness over time.                    

  • Accountability to meet state and federal requirements.

Data will be reviewed by each building through future data retreats in order to break the data down into more specific areas, including reading, math, science and writing  indicators with highest and lowest performance. This data from NeSA, along with other assessments, will be used to guide the development of school and district goals.