Norris leads clean campus contest

Norris leads clean campus contest

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Norris High School is in a clean and beautification of grounds contest through Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful. About 4 times a year, NHS receives a visit from their staff and they access our campus, looking for (hopefully) no trash and beautification. You will see below we are doing very well, thanks to our staff, students and outside maintenance crew - specifically Dave Allder! THANK YOU to all of our staff for what they do (picking up trash) or don't do (throwing trash in the wrong places) to maintain Norris' pleasant look!

Student Council will again coordinate a clean up day as spring nears, helping our grounds management around our high school building.

Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful’s judging team visited our school last week for round 2 of the Cleanest Campus Competition. Below is a quick update as we head into the spring season:

Current Scores (through 2 rounds):
1. Norris (1.0)
2. East (1.42)
2. Raymond (1.42)
4. Malcolm (1.67)
5. High (1.92)
5. Northeast (1.92)
7. Waverly (2.17)
8. North Star (2.46)
9. Southwest (2.50)
10. Southeast (2.59)

The best scores in round two went to Norris and East (1.0), followed by Malcolm and Raymond (1.5). Nice work from East High, Lincoln High, North Star and Norris, whose current scores are all down from last year.