Board of Education vacancy application

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Patty Bentzinger. In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mrs. Bentzinger’s term on the board. The length of the unexpired term is for the same length of time as Ms. Bentzinger would have served on the Board of Education. Interested Applicants must live in Ward 2 to be appointed for the open seat.

Applications can be obtained by emailing or at the Norris School District Administration Office and will be accepted by email ( until noon on February 6. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Brian Maschmann, Superintendent at 402-791-0007

Now Hiring Kitchen Staff

Taher, Inc at Norris School District is now hiring for the kitchen.  30 hours a week.  Please reach out to to inquire further.

Norris Elementary Participates in the Great Kindness Challenge

Norris Elementary Participates in the Great Kindness Challenge

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Norris Elementary students participated in the Great Kindness Challenge at the end of January but the results are continuing to be seen throughout our classrooms, hallways, and school building.  

The Kindness Challenge is a national initiative to create a culture of kindness in schools.  The project challenges students to put into action what they learn and read about in the classroom.  They are challenged to actually go out and “sprinkle that kindness out into the world”.   Norris Elementary had a checklist with 12 challenges on it.  Students did the math and if each student at Norris Elementary school completed the 12 challenges, they would sprinkle 7,200 acts of kindness out into the world.  Students were provided time in guidance class to get started on completing their checklist.  They made wishes for a child in another country, decorated hearts to give to friends, wrote a thank you letter, and made a poster about kindness to display in the school.  Students also had the opportunity to earn “Kindness Gems” throughout the week from adults.  These were similar to our Titan Gems but were used specifically for when a teacher caught a student being kind.

Each day, Norris Elementary starts its day with a morning song.  During Kindness week our song was “K is for Kindness”.  During guidance class, students completed activities to learn more about kindness.  Kindergarten students practiced giving compliments in a game called, The Compliment Circle.  First-grade students followed the motto from kid president, “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, then you aren’t thinking hard enough!”  They participated in an activity called “Compli-mat” where each student leaves class with a placemat full of compliments from the peers.  Second-grade students are challenged to continue the efforts and create a positive school culture by thinking of a problem they see happening in our school and how they can help be part of the solution.  

Teachers and students are observing the benefits of this kindness focus.  Teachers note how putting the idea of kindness in front of their students has really motivated ALL students to be purposeful in thinking of others and spreading kindness.  Kids are also seeing kindness in others.  

All students are now working on a project to continue the culture of kindness out on the playground at the elementary school.  Each student is painting and decorating a rock that is not for themselves, but for others in our school that spreads a message of kindness and caring for others.  The rocks will be placed together to create our “Kindness Rocks!” Garden.