Norris ACT Results Continue to Surpass Nebraska & National averages

Norris ACT Results Continue to Surpass Nebraska & National averages

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Norris high school seniors continue to beat their state and national peers on performance on the ACT. The ACT is the most widely used college entrance exam for students in this region of the country and a primary measuring stick of college readiness. The results for the 2013 graduating class were released last week. The vast majority of Titans seniors tested, with 105 2012-13 Norris seniors taking the exam.

The highest subtest areas for Norris seniors continued to be in the areas of reading and English, followed by science. For each of these areas, Norris students attained an aggregate average of 23 or better.

When it comes to readiness for the rigors of college coursework, Norris students do exceptionally well. High School Principal Ryan Ruhl attributes this to a flourishing dual credit program that includes partnerships with multiple post-secondary institutions. A measure of increasing importance in recent years has been attaining college level benchmark scores that show predictive validity for a student's ability to earn a C or B or better in a corresponding college – credit course. For each area measured, over 50% of Norris seniors taking the ACT met the college – level benchmark standard, a sure sign of a strong college preparatory curriculum. College readiness performance for Norris seniors was strongest in the area of English composition, with 84% of students testing meeting or exceeding this benchmark.

The composite average of a 23 or better is consistent with the five-year trend. More importantly, it was the third year in a row that over 100 of the high school seniors at Norris took the college entrance exam, a strong indication of commitment to pursuing post secondary education for these students.