Nebraska Astronaut Clayton Anderson to Keynote November 22 Norris Foundation Banquet

Nebraska Astronaut Clayton Anderson to Keynote November 22 Norris Foundation Banquet

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clayton Anderson AKA “Nebraska’s Astronaut” will be the after-dinner speaker at this year's Titans Banquet Friday, November 22nd sponsored by the Norris Education Foundation and hosted at Yankee Hill Country Club in Lincoln.  Tickets for this year's gala event are just $30 with a social hour beginning at 5:30, dinner at 6:30, and awards and Astronaut Anderson's keynote to follow.  Reserve your chair (or table) for this year's event by contacting the district office at 402-791-0000.

Anderson will be an extraordinary speaker sharing an extraordinary story.  Born in Omaha and raised in Ashland, Anderson currently resides near Houston, Texas. Recently retired after a stellar 30 year career with NASA, Clayton has accumulated 167 days in space while living onboard the International Space Station for over 5 months in 2007, and serving as a Mission Specialist with the Space Shuttle 131 crew in 2010!

A seasoned spacewalker, Anderson spent nearly 40 hours in the unforgiving vacuum of space, having helped to build the space station through the execution of 6 spacewalks. Clayton’s story is one of big dreams and perseverance. It is unique, heartwarming and inspirational and will show that with hard work and a little luck, our achievements can be “out of this world!” 

Tickets for the Foundation Banquet are available by contacting Larry Grosshans at 402-791-2186 or by contacting the Admin Office (ask Kim or Linda) at 402-791-0000.
The Norris Foundation will recognize this year's Hall of Fame award winners as well as annual Titan Award winners for those who have made lasting service contributions to the Norris School District to the betterment of Norris students.  The Foundation promotes student learning and helps the district ensure its mission of guaranteeing every student thrives through raising vital scholarship dollars to provide Norris grads with the opportunity to pursue their post-secondary dreams.