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Kindergarten Students Try New and Healthy Foods

Kindergarten Students Try New and Healthy Foods

Monday, April 30, 2018

Norris Elementary students were exposed to trying new foods during pod time this month.  Mrs. Mel Maendele, director of food services at Norris, lead the kindergarten students through a taste testing with a goal of exposing them to different foods.  The students were encouraged to try the three new foods to determine if they liked them or not, and which was their favorite.  Snow peas, fresh blueberries, and craisins were provided to each kindergartener through a Team Nutrition Grant.  At the elementary level, this grant helped to bring tasting new foods into the classroom. The students were very excited and willing to try the foods, some of the foods were even new to the teachers as well.  Classes also charted which food they liked best.  Blueberries were by far the favorite of all nine kindergarten classes.