Handwashing & Sneeze "Stop the Spread" Reminders from Norris Health

Handwashing & Sneeze "Stop the Spread" Reminders from Norris Health

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The CDC recently announced that the flu virus has mutated so the current vaccine may not be as effective as hoped in protecting against the altered strain of flu. While the influenza virus has mutated, the flu vaccine does still offer protection in the fact that if one does get influenza even after the vaccine, it tends to shorten the longevity and severity of the illness. Thus flu shots are still recommended preventive health care!

At Norris, we are still seeing occasional new cases of Pertussis as well as several cases of Influenza A in our student population. The health office staff is asking parents and staff to please remind our children to wash hands frequently and to use their arm to cover their mouth when coughing. Here's a great "Cover your cough" resource for home or classroom:


Adults should follow the same! Another great resource on why sneezing into the arm is a preferred method of reducing the spread of germs is available from the Mythbusters which describes the “Safe Sneeze” method in a humorous yet highly informative manner:


Any additional cleaning of door handles or surfaces is also an added benefit in reducing possible contamination points.

Thanks for your help ensuring healthy students and Norris youth through the last week of first semester and the coming holiday season!