GameOn1125 Gives to Norris in 2013

GameOn1125 Gives to Norris in 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Norris Back Pack Give- December 20th 2013 the GameOn team gave BIG to Norris Schools.  Students in the elementary, intermediate, middle school all received a back pack full of goods.  The back pack included a titanium necklace, gift card to Culver’s. gift card to Back Yard Burger, 25 dollar gift card to Scheels, stocking hat, gloves, gum, and a Gatorade.

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Bison Inc. Holiday Basketball Hoop Give- On December 23rd with the help of Dave Lueders and Bison Inc. GameOn 1125 was able to give a Norris freshman a brand new basketball hoop.  This young man’s hoop recently was broken and had no way of getting a new one.