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First Grade Students Learn from High Schoolers

First Grade Students Learn from High Schoolers

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Norris High School Landscaping class is learning about plant growth and how we can grow plants using tower gardens to save space and be sustainable. During the first week of school, seven high school students set up and planted tower gardens to help supplement to school salad bar. With over half of today’s youth on average being at least three to four generations removed from the farm, it is the goal of this class to share with the youngest Titans what agriculture is and how we use agriculture in our everyday lives.

The Norris Landscaping class is sharing one of their tower gardens with the 1st grade Norris Elementary students over the fall semester so they can watch vegetables grow. The high school students will lead a lesson on plant growth, and provide an activity where students will be a farmer for the day by planting a corn seed to watch it sprout! They will also discover other careers that relate to agriculture. The Norris Landscaping class is thankful for the willingness and support from our Norris Elementary school teachers and staff.