Fifth Disease: Norris Health Office Reminders to Parents

Fifth Disease: Norris Health Office Reminders to Parents

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Parents, our school health offices have seen a significant number of cases of Fifth Disease in the elementary school and intermediate schools this year. 

Fifth Disease is a common viral infection that usually starts out as a cold and then the child develops bright red cheeks and a rash. Once the rash develops, the child is no longer contagious and may be in school. Fifth Disease is usually mild and poses little risk to healthy children and adults.  However, it is important for pregnant mothers, especially in the first half of a pregnancy, to let your doctor know if you have been exposed to Fifth Disease and have a child who has had Fifth Disease.

Attached is an informational article on Fifth Disease from the Centers for Disease Control.

This information is being issued simply as a reminder to parents from our Norris RNs to be aware of signs and symptoms and for pregnant mothers to take appropriate precautionary steps in the event you have a child who contracts Fifth Disease.