Board of Education vacancy application

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Patty Bentzinger. In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mrs. Bentzinger’s term on the board. The length of the unexpired term is for the same length of time as Ms. Bentzinger would have served on the Board of Education. Interested Applicants must live in Ward 2 to be appointed for the open seat.

Applications can be obtained by emailing or at the Norris School District Administration Office and will be accepted by email ( until noon on February 6. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Brian Maschmann, Superintendent at 402-791-0007

Now Hiring Kitchen Staff

Taher, Inc at Norris School District is now hiring for the kitchen.  30 hours a week.  Please reach out to to inquire further.

Elementary playground resurfacing project status update

Elementary playground resurfacing project status update

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Michael and Zach make progressThe Norris Elementary playground is receiving a state of the art makeover that incorporates the latest technological advancements in playground surfacing.  When complete, the playground will feature one of the finest playing surfaces for children in the area.  Toiling in the sweltering August heat to apply adhesive and lay the squares of rubberized tiling, the playground construction crew hailing from Kansas City has been making great strides in moving the much-anticipated project toward completion.The new surface is highly durable and is designed for accessibility for all students.  The flexible thick rubber flooring ensures a maximum level of safety for all populations regardless of any physical limitations that might otherwise hinder a child from playing on a less accessible surface. The project has been spearheaded by Elementary Principal Dr. Bob Brandt and was something he had aspired to do for years.  The influx of ARRA funds allowed the district to complete this playground renovation project.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) appropriated some new funding for schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  These monies were targeted to help schools ensure that children with disabilities have access to a free appropriate public education to meet each child's unique needs.While ideally the project would have been completed prior to the start of the school year, progress is moving rapidly on the resurfacing project now that materials have arrived.  Zach and Michael labored intensely in the mid-afternoon sun to make great gains on the project.  They slathered an adhesive layer directly to the concrete bed that has been poured as a foundation and then carefully affixed the rubber tiles over that.   The adhesive used is formulated specifically for use with rubber flooring systems.  The rubber tiles are manufactured in the US from recycled tire rubber and offer a uniform quality and density that has proven ideal for playground surfaces.  We thank our Elementary students and parents of the Norris district for your patience during the playground renovation project as students are temporarily diverted to other play areas for recess.  The end result will be a fantastic improvement in playground surface and accessibility.