Dr. Tracy Appointed District Director of Curriculum / Special Education

Dr. Tracy Appointed District Director of Curriculum / Special Education

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Norris District has appointed Dr. Brenda Tracy District Special Education and Curriculum Director beginning July, 2014. The advancement of Dr. Tracy creates a principalship vacancy for Norris Elementary. Applications are currently being received for the grades PK-2 principal with expected appointment before mid-May following an interview process involving stakeholders.

The elementary principal search will focus on candidates who possess both traditional school administrator credentials and a special education background to perform assistant special education duties. For the last year, Dr. Tracy served as both the Norris Elementary Principal and District Special Education Director. She was previously the Middle School Assistant Principal and Special Education Director.

As Norris Director of Special Education, Dr. Tracy will continue to maintain primary responsibility for all special-education programming at Norris.  The district serves over 200 students with special needs. Dr. Tracy is an acknowledged leader in this arena, currently serving as the State President of NASES. She also serves on the NCSA Executive Board and was a NASES regional representative for seven years.

With the new assignment, Dr. Tracy’s focus will be on aligning curriculum (or what gets taught, when and to what level), which was identified from the recent district accreditation review as a primary need in continuous improvement efforts at Norris. Dr. Tracy will fulfill responsibilities in School Improvement, accreditation, and professional development in the Curriculum Director role. Dr. Tracy will also continue to serve as DAC, or the District Assessment Contact liaison with the state department for all state–mandated assessments and reporting requirements.