Distinguished India Delegation of Educators visits Norris Campus

Distinguished India Delegation of Educators visits Norris Campus

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In cooperation with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s college of Education and Human Sciences, the Norris District served as a host campus for four visiting distinguished educators from India who are in the United States for a week to learn about teacher preparation and research-based instructional practices prevalent in the United States.

The visitors were accompanied on their tour of the campus by Board of Education Vice President Larry Grosshans and Norris Superintendent Dr. John Skretta.  The group visited the afternoon of October 15th, observing classes, meeting staff, and learning about all phases of district operations.  The group had the opportunity to meet and learn from a number of top educators at Norris, from Janet Myers (Middle School science) to Sid Conrad (Business / Economics) to Cheryl Koehler (Kindergarten).   The group also met guidance counselors Becky O’Connor (HS) and Bambie Gushard (Intermediate).

The visiting educators each have distinguished themselves through outstanding careers in their native countries.  The dignitaries visited the Norris campus to gain insights on best practices in American public education in a combined rural / suburban district within close proximity to Lincoln.

Singje Ch Marak: A lecturer in the Directorate of Educational Research and Training in Shillong since 2009.  She is a Fulbright Scholar who visited NU for the first time in 2008.

Roballine Mecheng Sangma: A senior lecturer at the Directorate of Educational Research and Training in Meghalaya who possesses specific expertise in curriculum.

Jasmine Sangma: An education field researcher who is working on revision of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education.

B Danibha Pyrbot:  A state resource official for support of Social Studies in teacher education programs, she has developed guidebooks for teachers on continuous and comprehensive evaluation models.

The educators  from India will have the opportunity to meet with CEHS Dean Dr. Marjorie Kostelnik and visit sites in the Lincoln Public Schools in addition to visiting methods classrooms showcasing research-based instructional strategies at UNL.  The group concludes their brief visit to the United States on Thursday, October 17th

The Norris District was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this important cultural exchange promoting positive international relations and best educational practices everywhere.