Campus construction updates: District to host community Open House August 4

Campus construction updates: District to host community Open House August 4

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Norris School District has made plans to host a community Open House on the afternoon of Sunday, August 4th from 1 to 4 PM. The community open house is a public "thank you." All campus schools will be open with hallways and multiple classrooms available for drop-in. The purpose of the open house is to offer a gesture of thanks to our community for its support in building our schools for a growing student population, and ensuring that the buildings we provide our students are excellent learning facilities. [Note: this is not the regular back to school open house which will occur at separately scheduled times per building for students and parents to check in with teachers, drop off supplies, etc.]

In March 2012, District constituents passed by a wide margin a $14 million bond issue as a mail ballot referendum. The resources provided through these bonds have permitted the district to build Norris intermediate school and conduct needed and necessary renovations to the high school, including expansion of the east and west HS areas for IT, ag, instrumental music, and body conditioning / fitness rooms. The new intermediate school house grades three, four and five and open in the fall with approximately 450 students. This will alleviate overcrowding in the elementary, allow the preschool to move out of the north end of our high school and be in close proximity to appropriate age level and developmental resources, and free up space in our middle school, where the fifth grade had been housed since 2006.

The open house will allow patrons to stroll the premises and check out the new site, in addition to walking the halls and getting reacquainted with already-familiar areas. The Intermediate will be finished at this time, and high school renovations will be drawing to a close in advance of our new school year and another fall of record student enrollment.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1 PM at the main entrance of the new Norris Intermediate to celebrate the opening of this fantastic building and wonderful addition to our campus. There will be no other formal program for the afternoon, but Board members, administrators and other staff and faculty will be present to welcome the public and share in celebrating our wonderful, expanded campus.

Summer campus construction updates:
* Teachers for grades 3-4-5 have relocated their classrooms, with the assistance of our excellent custodial team and some summer hired help – (a few Norris HS students) - have shown strong backs and excellent spirit in assisting teachers to move their items. 

*Teachers are getting their classrooms in order in eager anticipation of the new school year and the debut of Norris Intermediate school. 

*Paving on Princeton Road to extend the blacktop surface further to the west, covering all driveway entrances to the new school, will be complete shortly after the July 4th holiday. 

*The word wall – a stunning visual feature in the new MPR – has been affixed on the east side of the lunch room area. 

*The bleachers and scoreboard are installed in the new gymnasium, completing an outstanding aspect of the new facility which will see routine community and school use. 

*On the exterior, the walkway path lights are installed. This will provide an excellent safety feature of campus lighting in addition to a beautiful aesthetic complement that ties into the existing campus.

*The underground sprinkler system is being completed, and sod will be placed in the near perimeter around the building. Areas that have already been seeded, with sprinklers installed, are seeing excellent grass growth to date.

*The playground area is nearing completion, with the basketball poles in place on the hard surface, the hoops themselves yet to be installed, and the playground play structure being assembled. The district thanks the PTO for their generous support in funding partial costs for this fun, safe and durable playground apparatus. 

* Elsewhere on campus, electronic locking door mechanisms equipped with video surveillance and buzz-in access features will be installed in each entrance. District partner Electronic Contracting is assisting in this retrofit.

High school:

*Work proceeds on pace in the West high school parking lot in order to level it off with the newly expanded welding and industrial technology areas. The HS renovations include expansions to instrumental music that will offer a larger rehearsal area while maintaining dedicated practice rooms. 

*Progress continues with subcontractor Haco Electric working on rewiring the fitness center area as the northeast portion of this high school project is repurposed. It is anticipated that the new fitness center will be complete before Labor Day.