2022 Norris High School Homecoming Royalty Court

2022 Norris High School Homecoming Royalty Court

Monday, October 3, 2022

Congratulations to the Norris High School 2022 Homecoming Royalty Court

Freshmen Homecoming Royalty Attendants
Kyson Gana and Reese Behrends

Kiffin Hausmann and Olive Wasser

Hayden Holdren and Macie Wiles

Cooper Rice and Olivia Zoubek

Sophomore Homecoming Royalty Attendants

Jarrett Behrends and Abbie Apfel

Nicholas Boon and Rya Borer

Levi Coleson and Kendall Cose

Revlin Weber and Jordan Tilford

Junior Homecoming Royalty Attendants

Wyatt Behrens and Anna Boonstra

Spencer Brightman and Kayli Franken

Garret Dorn and Grace Kohler

Levi Puchala and Ellie Thomas

Senior Homecoming Royalty Attendants

Joao Croteau and Reese Borer

Reed Mueller and Taylor Bredthauer

Corbin Rhoades and Brooklyn Head

Barrett Stone and Olivia Jarosz

Wyatt Wubbels and Jordan Wilkinson

Alex Zetterman and Payton WIlkinson

Friday evening after the Homecoming Football game, Norris Royalty Attendants will be announced and we will have the crowning of the 2022 Homecoming Class Representatives and Homecoming King and Queen. We invite the public to stay after the football game for this celebration!