Blizzard Warning Activities Cancellation:

Due to the National Weather Service issued BLIZZARD warning for Saturday, Norris is canceling all school-related activities for Saturday, Feb. 23 and Sunday, Feb. 24.

The Fields of Talent Show Choir Contest for Saturday is canceled.

This includes any activities hosted by community organizations at our schools/facilities.

1st Place Finish at UNL Math Day

1st Place Finish at UNL Math Day

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Norris Titans Math Club took home 1st Place in the Math Bowl competition at UNL Math Day on Thursday, November 15th.  In the competition, Norris topped Seward in round 1, Columbus in round 2, McCook in round 3, and Mount Michael both in the semi-finals and the finals.  Math Bowl members included Colson Hestermann, Robert Gosselin, Samantha Palermo, Chanasei Ziemann, Hunter DeBoer, & Jackson Savage.  

All students competed in the Probe 1 Exam in the morning of competition.  The top four compeditors from Norris on the Probe 1 were Colson Hestermann, Jackson Savage, Cassie Barber, & Matthea Boon.