Curriculum and ELOs

Curriculum and ELOs

ELOs stand for Essential Learning Objectives.  Essential Learning Objectives (ELOs) are statements for each grade level and content that represent what we feel students at Norris should know and be able to do upon completion of that school year.  Teachers and students work on the ELOs throughout the school year and assess and monitor students progress continually.  Students progress towards these ELOs are reported through progress reports in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Students will receive a letter mark indicating their progress towards mastery of the skill.  The letter marks are as follows:

M - Mastery 90%-100%

S - Satisfactory 80%-89%

P - Progressing 70%-79%

B - Beginning 69% and below

Specials classes also have ELOs, but report students progress through an effort grade.  Students in all grades are also working on social skills and study habits.  These are also identified through an effort grade.  The effort grades are reported as follows:

S - Satisfactory

N - Needs Improvement

I - Incomplete