Now hiring Special Education Substitute Paras

Norris School District is now hiring 1:1 special education substitute paraprofessionals.  Positions will be working with students in grades K-12 who have developmental disabilities. Hours will follow the student hours and school schedule.  If interested please apply in person at the Superintendent's Office

HS Bell Schedule

HS Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

1st 8:25-9:14
2nd (IAP) 9:17-9:42
3rd 9:45-10:34
4th 10:37-11:26
5th & Lunch 11:29-12:49
     1st Lunch 11:29-11:59
     2nd Lunch 11:54-12:24
     3rd Lunch 12:19-12:49
6th 12:52-1:41
7th 1:44-2:33
8th 2:36-3:25

2 Hour Late Start Bell Schedule

1st 10:25-10:59
3rd 11:02-11:36
4th & Lunch & IAP 11:39-12:58
**Students: You will attend lunch according to your 4th-hour teacher's schedule - check with them which lunch you have**
     1st Lunch 11:39-12:09
     2nd Lunch 12:04-12:34
     3rd Lunch 12:29-12:58
5th 1:01-1:35
6th 1:38-2:12
7th 2:15-2:49
 8th  2:52-3:25