Senior Ads

Senior Ads

DEADLINE - Friday, May 15th

Senior Recognition AD can be purchased by filling out this Google Form 

***You'll need a Google Account to upload files OR files can be emailed to us directly if you don't have a Google Account.  

2020 prices:
***due to the pandemic and limited pages, we've decided to CUT prices in half***
Full page-$90
 (usually $180)
1/2 page-$50
 (usually $100)
1/4 page-$30 (usually $60)

Examples of past Ads (2019)

Ads can either be Designed by YOU (see below) and then upload the finished “jpg” when you fill out the Google Form. 


Design by our Yearbook Staff ( plus $5.00 design fee)
You'll be given an opportunity to upload photos and text for us to use
FULL page - up to 10 photos & text
HALF page - up to 6 photos & text
QUARTER page - up to 4 photos & text


Design it Yourself (DIY) Information

Size settings 

  • Full page (H:3075 pixels/px X W:2400 pixels/px    or    H:10.25" x W:8" resolution:300 ppi)
  • 1/2 page (H:1500 pixels/px X W:2400 pixels/px    or   H:5" x W:8" resolution:300 ppi)
  • 1/4 page (H:1500 pixels/px X W:1163 pixels/px    or   H:5" x W:3.88" resolution:300 ppi)

There are several are a few

See our video on Youtube on using (no audio)

Questions?  Contact Andrew Carlson