Doniphan, National Shoot

Doniphan, National Shoot

Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 8:00am to 3:00pm

Junior High & High School teams bring home hardware from State Trap!

The Norris Junior High and High School Trap Team competed at the Cornhusker State Trap Shoot on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Doniphan. This was the last competition for the 2018 Trap Season and the Titans brought home individual, team and coaching awards.  

The Norris Junior High Ladies Squad of Lilly Ballard, Elizabeth Rohrer, Ayla VanAsperan, Lilliana Hollister and Emily Creps won 3rd Place Ladies 16 Yard Team.

The Cornhusker State High School Competition is a two-day event with the Titans bringing home individual, team and coaching awards on both days.

The Norris High School Ladies Squad of Lillie Bowman, Morgan Bice, Chloe Bowman, and Julia Stephenson won three titles over the two-day competition. They brought home 1st Place Ladies High Overall Team breaking 658 of 750 targets. They also brought home 1st Place Ladies Handicap Team breaking 320 of 375 targets and 3rd Place Ladies 16 Yard Team breaking 338 of 375 targets.

The Norris High School Squad of Nate Stertz, Max Christiansen, Bryce McGill, Alex Hunter and Sean Kile won 1st Place 16 Yard Team breaking 366 of 375 targets. They also brought home 4th Place High Overall Team with a score of 688 of 750 targets.

Lauren Glinsmann won 7th Place 18/19 Yard Handicap Individual for breaking 67 of 75 targets.

Lillie Bowman won 3rd Place Ladies Individual High Overall for breaking 145 of  150 targets and 4th Place Ladies 16 Yard for breaking 73 of 75 targets.

Max Christiansen won 1st Place 16 Yard Individual breaking 225 of 225 targets.

The coaching staff of Coaches Keith Brunkow, Ed Cross, Tom Shea, and Jacob Chipps won three coaching awards:

2018 Championship Coach Ladies High Overall Team
2018 Championship Coach Ladies Handicap Team
2018 Championship Coach 16 Yard Team