Norris Invite

Norris Invite

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
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Norris Invitational Girl's Results

The Titan Invitational was held last Thursday with seven schools participating in the meet. Below are the team standings, followed by the girl’s individual results.

Girls Team scoring:  1st Aurora 149 pts., 2nd Lincoln Lutheran 107, 3rd Seward 86, 4th Elkhorn 84, 5th Crete 51, 6th Beatrice 33, and 7th Norris with 17 points.

Individual Girl's Results:
High Jump:  Anna Watters 7th overall 4’4”, Emily Spaulding NH, and Nyah Chambers NH
Pole Vault:  6th Nicole Weyers, Callie Martin 6’6”, and Kyndall Barber 6’0”
Long Jump:  Sam Leyden 14’4”, Cassie Meyer 12’6.5”
Triple Jump:  Sam Leyden (7th in finals) 30’8.25” and Anna Barent 28’7.5”
Shot Put:  Haley Morrison 20’1”, Kelsey DeJonge 28’11”, and Brittany Florer 27’7”
Discus:  4th Kelsey DeJonge 104’1”, Brittany Florer 80’9”, and Anna Barent 57’10”

100m Dash:  4th Kenzie Roy (Prel.-13.48) 13.31, Sarah Logan 7th in finals (Prel.-13.65) 13.52, and Megan Anderson 14.02
200m Dash:  5th Sarah Logan (Pre.-28.4) 28.6, Kenzie Roy 28.9, and Valerie Gabel 30.5
400m Dash:  Morgan McCain 1:09.84, Cassie Meyer 1:13.92
800m Run:  Emily Spaulding 2:54.81, Nicole Weyers 2:54.94, and Erin DeBoer 2:57.43
1600m Run:  Lauren Borer 6:35.86 and Cassie Barber 6:50.43
3200m Run:  6th Kelly Helmberger 13:03. 46 and Cassie Barber 14:00.68
100m HH:  Emily Harms 18.31, Valerie Gabel 19.19, and Hannah Gutzmer 21.29
300m LH:  Hannah Schizas 56.89, Hannah Gutzmer 57.04, and Caitlyn Tracy 59.40
400m Relay: 6th 56.74  Megan Anderson, Sarah Logan, Anna Watters, and Mackenzie Roy
1600m Relay:  5th  4:47.72   Erin DeBoer, Samantha Leyden, Lauren Havlat, and Sarah Logan
3200m Relay:  5th (PR)  11:09.24  Sam Leyden, Erin DeBoer, Nicole Weyers, and Kelly Helmberger

It was not a very pleasant day for a meet, as the weather got colder and more windy as the day progressed, however, we got the meet in and we were able to get to participate.

We did not have a very good day, as we did not do well in either the field events, nor in the running events.  We were very disappointed in only scoring 5 points in the field events, however, it was great to see Senior, Nicole Weyers, do well in the pole vault, and Junior Kelsey DeJonge throw very well in the discus.  We know that for the most part we are very young in the field events, and must give our athletes time to learn and to become more experienced in those events.   I think that that  it will come, but it will take hard work and patience in learning.  We just need time to learn the techniques of our events, and that will come with practice and experience in our  training.  We expect to keep improving throughout the season.

Kelly Helmberger, Sarah Logan, and Kenzie Roy did well in their events.  Kelly running well in the 3200, even with the extreme winds, and Sarah and Kenzie doing well in the sprints.

Our next meet will be with our Freshmen traveling to Waverly for the Triangular Meet of Fairbury, Norris, and Waverly.  Meet time 4:00.  On Friday, April 8th, our varsity will participate in the Waverly Invitational.  Fourteen teams will be participating, meet time 10:00.

Meet Information

Aurora, Beatrice, Crete, Elkhorn, Lincoln Lutheran, Norris, Seward

Live results of the meet can be found

10:00 a.m. - Field Events:

  • Boys Discus followed by Girls Discus
  • Girls Shot put followed by Boys Shot put
  • Boys Pole Vault followed by Girls Pole Vault
  • Boys High Jump
  • Girls High Jump
  • Boys Long Jump followed by Boys Triple Jump
  • Girls Long Jump followed by Girls Triple Jump

12:00 Running Events:

  • 3200 M Relay
  • 100 M Hurdles prelims (girls)
  • 110 m Hurdles prelims (boys)
  • 100 m Dash prelims
  • 400 M Dash
  • 3200 m Run
  • 200 m Dash prelims

We will have a 45 minute break before finals start.


  • 100 m Hurdles (girls)
  • 110 m Hurdles (boys)
  • 100 m Dash
  • 800 m Run
  • 300 m Hurdles
  • 200 m Dash
  • 1600 m Run
  • 400 m Relay
  • 1600 m Relays

Event Location