SNOW DAY: Norris School District will be closed Monday, January 25, 2021, due to a winter weather warning and projections of significant snowfall and accumulation.  This includes before and after-school practices, AM/PM Preschool, before/after school care, and community use of facilities.

Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences

Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held virtually as scheduled on February 9th and 11th from 4:00-8:00 p.m. The format will be similar to last September.  

Pre-School Essential Learning Objectives

Pre-School Essential Learning Objectives

Physical Development:

The learner will demonstrate age-appropriate traveling and balancing skills.

The learner will use writing and drawing tools appropriately for age.

Language Development:

The learner will use language to express thoughts and needs.

The learner will follow a two-step direction.

The learner will use complete, 4-6 word sentences.

The learner will engage in conversations with at least 3 exchanges.

Cognitive Development:

The learner will remember and connect prior experiences with new information.

The learner will attend and engage in classroom activities.

The learner will sort objects by color, shape, and size.

Social-Emotional Development:

The learner will interact positively with peers and adults in the classroom.

The learner will participate constructively and cooperatively in group situations.

The learner will regulate own emotions and behaviors in the classroom.

Literacy Development:

The learner will recognize their name in print.

The learner will identify letters of the alphabet.

The learner will demonstrate emergent writing skills.

The learner will interact during read-aloud and book conversations.

The learner will retell familiar stories.

The learner will recall the characters and setting of a story.

Mathematics Development:

The learner will verbally count and use 1:1 correspondence.

The learner will identify shapes and colors.

The learner will identify patterns.

The learner will identify numbers.

The learner will make comparisons between two objects.