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Introduction to Literature (DC)

Introduction to Literature (DC)

This is a semester-long course for juniors or seniors who meet the prerequisites. It is offerred as dual credit through Wesleyan's Honors Academy; however, students are not required to take for dual credit and only receive college credit if they pay the fee and earn a grade of C or better.
In this course, students develop their composition skills through reading and writing about literature. The course includes a discussion of multiple genres and of literary works’ historical and cultural contexts. Students will develop skills of writing in multiple forms and will learn the skills and terminology appropriate to discussing literary works in different genres. Students will receive instruction in writing skills such as structuring an argument, using evidence from multiple sources, using conventions appropriately, and refining an essay through revision. This class is equivalent to Eng 1020 at Wesleyan, Eng 180 or an Ace #5 at UNL, and Eng 2100 at SCC.
Students are able to earn 3 hours of dual credit through NWU.
**Students must purchase books and materials for this course.

For more information about course progression for juniors and seniors, see this Course Descriptions Presentation.

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